30 Nov 2018 – EMIDY PROJECT – Film & Multimedia – City Mirror Festival – Liege (Belgium)

1 or 2 December 2018 – EMIDY PROJECT – Film & Multimedia – Brussels (Belgium)

2 Mar 2019 – EMIDY PROJECT – Film & Multimedia – Memories of Exile Festival Alhambra – Geneva (Switzerland)

3 March – EMIDY PROJECT – Film & Multimedia – Church in La Neuveville – Bern (Switzerland)

17 August 2019 EMIDY PROJECT – Film & Multimedia – Collegiale NEUCHATEL – Neuchâtel (Switzerland)


Emidy is a musical odyssey of a Guiniean slave who dared to dream, a touching and far-reaching portrait of Joseph Antonio Emidy. It is a new creation by Tunde Jegede (Anglo-Nigerian composer and multi-instrumentalist), that tells the extraordinary experience of Joseph Antonio Emidy, a violin virtuoso from the 18th century, who was a slave before becoming a conductor and composer.

Tracing Emidy’s path, these chronicles recount an astonishing journey across three continents. They convey the moving story of someone who travelled oceans, lands and cultures embracing the worlds of classical, African and South American music, more than two hundred years ago. In this multimedia creation, video, images, dance movements, music and words interact and enrich one another.

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