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‘Where Old Traditions Meet the New’


Khalili Lecture Theatre. SOAS, London


Centre of African Studies presents Truth & Art, a documentary series on three innovative artists from very distinct backgrounds, genres and idioms who explore truth within their art-form. It celebrates the life and work of artists from Africa, the Caribbean and South America who are each steeped in diverse musical traditions. Their work represents a coming together of ancient practice and indigenous sounds, as well as the influences and conflicts of their modern day surroundings, bringing a new voice and creativity out of collective memory. An evocative series of short films by the visual artist and filmmaker, Sunara Begum that takes us on a journey, artistically delving behind the scenes of these unique artists. Through these films we tap into the pulse of their creativity, revealing hidden aspects of their work and process. Keynote speech by Dr Angela Impey, Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, SOAS, University of London.




Derek Johnson aka Musicalist www.blu-dub.com

Derek Johnson aka Musicalist is a musician and author between worlds who draws on his Jamaican and diasporic heritage with influences of the blues, reggae and global roots music. He is an enigmatic artist who conjures the listener deep into his musical sphere as it unfolds. A talented guitarist, flautist and producer, whose music ignites truth to his listeners.


Tunde Jegede www.tundejegede.com

Tunde Jegede is a kora maestro who brings a haunting melancholy to the African harp rooted in the legacy of ancient African history. He is a composer and his music is timeless and meditative, a contemporary voice reflecting a bygone era. He is also a fine cellist and an advocate of Bach's music and brings a unique gift of transposing old African melodies into the language of the cello.


Diana Baroni www.dianabaroni.com  

Diana Baroni is an artist that delves into the past to recreate a new present. Her enchanting voice has captured audiences all over the world and the richness of her music creates a tapestry of influences. The trio features the multi-instrumentalist, Rafael Guel from Mexico with his warm voice, traditional guitars and Tunde Jegede on kora and cello bringing the African connection to the richness of the repertoire.


Sunara Begum www.sunarabegum.com

Sunara Begum is a visual artist and filmmaker whose work is perfectly placed between East and West. She uses the worlds of Film, Theatre, Photography and Text to heighten people's experience of the arts and her work seeks to draw out answers from the past to address the present. Sunara's work challenges windows of perception thereby allowing a shift in approach and attitude towards raising cultural awareness, growth and understanding.



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