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Sunara Begum Visual Artist Photographer Filmmaker Fine Art Multi-Media UK Bangladesh Book The Legend of Ara

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Product Details:

Hardcover: 50 pages
Publisher: Chand Aftara publishing
Language English
ISBN: 978-0-9566946-0-7
Product Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 1.8 cm


Book Description:


The Legend of Ara is one woman's extraordinary adventure into the inner and outer world, uncovering a fascinating, hidden story of femininity, womanhood and ultimate search for truth. A photographic-poetic narrative of a mythical character named Ara and her journey to self-realisation. Ara is born, a child of an immigrant family in a strange land. She understands the world through movement, text and colour and longs to be outside. She sees the world; she is seen by the world….


Essay by Rohini Malik Okon (Writer/Curator/Researcher)



‘Best book I’ve ever read’




-Eastern Eye


‘Perceptive insight into womanhood’

-Tunde Jegede


‘Sunara Begum is a great talent’

-198 Gallery

About the Author/Artist:

Sunara Begum is an international visual artist and filmmaker based in London, England. In her photography book 'The Legend of Ara': 2010) Sunara explores a mythical character named Ara through, identity, personal journey, family history and memory. The photography and text are a collection of images that symbolise a woman born between worlds in a society juxtaposed by the past, present and future. Begum is known for experimenting with different mediums, visuals, genres, languages, and styles and this diversity has been influenced by her wide-ranging visual taste and her interest in cultures.


Sunara Begum is a visual artist, photographer, filmmaker and writer whose work is perfectly placed between East and West. She uses the worlds of Film, Theatre, Photography and Text to heighten people’s experience of the arts and her work seeks to draw out answers from the past to address the present. Begum’s work challenges windows of perception thereby allowing a shift in approach and attitude towards raising cultural awareness, growth and understanding. Begum is a creative who is always seeking to distill experiences down to root truths and unafraid to re-invent her approaches in reaction to necessary change. Though always choosing to indulge her work on a deeply, personal level, she seeks to use the expressions of it all to inspire and enlighten the lives of others universally. She is associated with the commitment to being a voice for the silenced or less heard in our societies, and thus a genuinely, relevant cultural commentator for our modern times; to reveal the inner-beauty underneath the surface, yet continually pay attention to and learn from the useful influences around her. This is her first book.


Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved:


Ara is a composite of innocence, rebellion and trauma of childhood. My work explores the survival and sustenance of self and the acceptance of the ever-changing nature of womanhood, as it's principal subject. The Ara Project attempts to transform lived experience into everyday myth and though the female form represents the source of life and ultimately is symbolic of power, passion and triumph, it is also part of a greater mystery I am seeking to unravel.


The creation and journey of Ara is the story of a woman born in a timeless moment, a new face of the old world. It is a sacred narrative exploring the contemporary-ancient image and her movement also marks her freedom. Throughout the manifestation of the 'World of Ara' I became immersed in an altered reality and seek to delve deeper into the cause and effects of a woman's inner transformation through various stages of her life. This process of change is the beginnings of the 'Legend of Ara'


Ara is born of water in a land where water has no recognition
In the waters of her memory she searches for home
Movement is her essence, Spirit is her calling
She is a child of water
She seeks knowledge beyond the precipice
She listens to the sound of the world beyond her home


Ara emobodies the guidance of the path
And the surety of the way
She feels her father's presence and her mother's blessings
And has found herself in the reflection of others
She invokes the past in the present
And commands the forces that flow within her
She subdues the turbulent sea
And becomes the eternal woman


Sunara Begum


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