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Sunara Begum, Visual Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker, Fine Art, Multi-Media, UK, Bangladesh, When Night Falls, HKB FiNN


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Product Details:

Running Time: 54 mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 anamorphic
Colour Mode: Colour / B&W
Audio Content: Stereo
Catalogue Number: CA001
Language: English


DVD Description:


4 Artists, 3 Continents, 1 Truth


‘The artist is a symbol of culture and the sacred….
The flower of memory is carried in the voice of remembrance.’
- Sunara Begum


Truth & Art is a documentary series on three innovative artists from very distinct backgrounds, genres and idioms who explore truth within their art-forms. It celebrates the life and work of artists from Africa, the Caribbean and South America who are each steeped in diverse musical traditions. Their work represents a coming together of ancient practice and indigenous sounds, as well as the influences and conflicts of their modern-day surroundings, bringing a new voice out of collective memory. Truth & Art is an evocative series of short films by the visual artist and filmmaker, Sunara Begum, that takes us on a journey into their worlds, looking behind the scenes of these highly unique artists. Through these films we tap into the pulse of their creativity, revealing hidden aspects of their work and process.



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