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‘In the magnificent fierce morning of New Mexico one sprang awake, a new part of the soul woke up suddenly, and the old world gave way to a new….’
-DH Lawrence, New Mexico 192


Imagine a European traveler who winds up in the New World somehow by chance….In this universe, greatly influenced by the animistic presence of nature, his life is disrupted by the sudden appearance of disquieting, strange characters and inexplicable phenomenons. Lost in an unknown, wondrous continent, he lets himself be carried away by his curiosity into this eerie land of plenty. Immersed in a world where every bit of nature has a soul, he meets with strange, fabulous circumstances.


Spirits are not strange occurrences for Amerindian peoples, whose relationship with nature is ruled by myth and belief. Their cosmogony, unlike the Greeks’, is a vast, disorderly conjunction of small characters, half-real and half-imaginary, combined with the spirits of the landscape, the forest, the valley, the Sun and the Earth. As our traveler moves along in time and space his sensorial universe will be transformed. He will dive into a ubiquitous magical reality.


La Macorina brings the passion of the South-American repertoire through the elegant virtuosity of the Diana Baroni Trio and the astonishing musical universe of the Alter Quintet. Alfonso Pacin’s musical arrangements create perfect harmony with the art of these eight musicians and their love for exploration and improvisation. Following step by step the discoveries of our traveler, La Macorina evolves through Afro-Amerindian songs and rhythms, bringing new life to the landscapes, myths and characters of Mexico, Venezuela, Argentine, Bolivia and Peru.





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