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'A collaboration with Paul Benney for Nitin Sawhney's concert at the Camden Roundhouse, London. 27 June 2013'


Sunara Begum's unique collaboration with celebrated British artist Paul Benney who is resident artist at London's Somerset House, brings together for the first time past and new works of paintings to the digital screen. The project comprises of music by Nitin Sawhney combined with Paul's recent Night Paintings that were exhibited as the first exhibition of paintings at Somerset House' Deadhouse, a series of hidden, atmospheric chambers which contain the gravestones of 17th century palace retainers beneath The Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court. In this innovative visualscape of music and imagery, Sunara infuses artforms to tell universal stories combining still and moving projections as reflections of the themes that lie within the music and visual narrative. This work is a meditation on the inner pulse of both Nitin's music and Paul's paintings, as Sunara's films marry the two seamlessly and act as a subliminal instrument that penetrates deep within our subconscious, and lingers a long time after.




Multiple award winning / nominated artist Nitin Sawhney will play a one-off show at the Roundhouse this summer, which will also see Nitin release new album ONEZERO which will be a retrospective of his past studio albums including a selection of brand new studio tracks. Nitin Sawhney is one of the most distinctive and versatile musical voices alive today. Firmly established as a world-class producer, songwriter, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, orchestral composer and cultural pioneer, Sawhney has become a latter-day Renaissance man in the worlds of music, film, videogames, dance and theatre. Award winning Sawhney (Mercury, BBC Radio, Ivor, Mobo, Bafta and Olivier) releases ONEZERO, a celebration of his ten solo albums - the show features work from nine retrospective albums and his forthcoming Dystopian Dream. In the wake of exclusive live to vinyl box set recording ONEZERO, Sawhney and guests will be showcasing the highlights of a celebrated career spanning two decades of international touring, DJ-ing, orchestral conducting, film scoring, recording and production.  





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