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‘Memory for the griot is like the waters of the river. To know the future you must know your past and therefore your living present’


The Griot’s Tale is a classic story of a young man’s search for truth and how this is revealed through his journey into the unexpected and unknown. It is a fantastical tale that sweeps through epochs of time, drawing on old African mythology and symbolism to portray five contemporary fables told through ancient eyes. It is an innovative new work that breaks conventions and will challenge our very notion and preconceptions of what African art and culture is and can be.


conceived by the composer, Tunde Jegede, this piece represents a meeting point between music, poetry, dance and the visual image to encourage new forms of storytelling. Drawing from sacred and ritualistic aspects of African mysticism, The Griot’s Tale features some of UK’s leading practitioners of African culture, including the choreographer, Bode Lawal, actor and director, Patrice Naiambana, the visual artist and poet, Taiwo Emmanuel Jegede and the filmmaker, Sunara Begum.


The Griot’s Tale embraces the worlds of Yoruba chant and movement with cinematic visual imagery, African and Western classical music re-imagined through ancient and contemporary tales of Love, Wisdom, Kinship, Sacrifice and Immortality. In The Griot’s Tale all these strands and influences are woven into a unified whole, within this new production that bridges the inner and outer worlds. With a unique team of artists, this piece transcends artforms, whilst maintaining and sustaining the integrity of tradition through re-invention. It is the voice of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Bode Lawal – Choreographer/Dancer

Taiwo Jegede – Poetry/Yoruba Chant

Patrice Naiambana – Actor/Storyteller

Sunara Begum – Visual Artist/Filmmaker

Tunde Jegede – Composer/Musician

Richard Olatunde Baker – Percussion










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