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 Nothing under heaven is more yielding than water,
But when it attacks things hard and resistant,
There is not one of them that can prevail.
That they yielding conquers the resistant
And the soft conquers the hard….

 – Lao Tze


Water submerged the earth
Like the beginning of time

My mother always mentioned the importance of home
As the place of our existence before our consciousness


Mine began here…


In the waters of my memory
I search for home

Where is home?

In anticipation, I made my journey in search for truth


As the waters are bound by the cycle of creation
I realised, I am looking for something that is moving
As I am moving also…

My homeland swept me away
In a state of euphoria


Through the movement, the turbulence and the ebb and flow of circumstance
The people hold onto their will against all odds

Where is that will? I search for it wherever I go

I am looking at their will
As they look at mine


In their space
That was once my space…I ask
Can we share the same fertile earth?
Sometimes they embrace me
Sometimes they reject me
Sometimes they make me feel like I’m an outsider
Sometimes they make me feel like I belong…


My deeper memory was overcome with melancholy
Foretelling the mark of separation
And the pain of eternal loss

When you see your end
You face your moment of truth


Home is a bittersweet pill
Between love, euphoria, beauty and pain
We live in the place that lies between
It gives us with one hand
And takes away everything with the other
Truth is a light built on sorrow
Tears do not wash away heartache
Knowledge does not bring comfort
Home is a bittersweet pill…


My love for a land that I belong to is a bond
That cannot be broken by time or circumstance


Sunara Begum


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